The NUMISHEET conference series is one of the most significant international conferences on the area of the numerical simulation of sheet metal forming processes. It gathers the most prominent experts in numerical methods in sheet forming processes and is an outstanding forum for the exchange of ideas and for the discussion of technologies related to sheet metal forming processes.

We present a series of lectures divided into different thematic mini symposia as well as a workshop on benchmark testing.

Conference topics are:

  • Data-driven process modeling,
  • process optimized simulation solutions (incl. material models, topology optimization, tribology, springback compensation, and geometry assurance),
  • property controlled forming processes,
  • flowsite description,
  • failure modeling,
  • simulation validation,
  • mold modeling,
  • inspection technology,
  • deviation compensation,
  • uncertainty qualification,  
  • sustainable/advanced/smart materials,
  • multi-material concepts/solutions,
  • lightweight structures,
  • digital transformation,
  • surface quality,
  • tools and dies and additive manufacturing

All peer-reviewed papers from the Numisheet 2025 meeting will be published in the scopus-listed Journal of Physics: Conference Series. For more information choose tab Authors.